Monday, June 23, 2008

Landed In Puerto Rico

After flying all night, we arrived in San Juan this morning at 5:30am. One layover in Houston, left there at midnight and slept a bit on the plane hoping to feel awake enough to start our day after just a bit of rest.

We were lucky enough to check into our room, requested an upgrade and got it.....unpacked now and waiting on the rental car. Blake and I always take one day to tour the island or coast of wherever we are and it proves to be worth every penny.

A few initial shots of our resort. Puerto Rico is lush and green and beautiful so far.

Britney and Pa, please show Carter our hotel room. It's way hipper than we are with a funky, modern Miami-esque feel to it.

Off to tour the island soon and back later with a few more pictures if time. Enjoy your day!

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Shannon said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to hear what you do today.