Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dinner At Church

Last night we all went to a potluck dinner at our church in honor of Carter's studies this week at Totus Tuus, the Catholic version of Vacation Bible School. We all brought a dish to share, listened to the kids' teachers explain more about this year's program and they sang a few songs for us.

The program lasts a week each summer and is a lot of fun for the kids, although they get a great education from it as well. They attend mass each morning and study the bible, sing songs and pray.

Since Religious Education (formerly called CCD) lasts only during the school year, I'm thrilled that Carter gets this small dose of classroom activity each summer. This coming year is a big one....First Communion and Reconciliation....the second and third sacraments he'll receive during his lifetime. I can still remember studying for my First Communion and I was SO NERVOUS about the entire procession. It's a big rite of passage for Catholics.

Carter is really starting to look grown up! John and Amber gave Carter the cross necklace he is wearing and he adores it.

A big "cheese!" from Jack.

Safe to say he enjoyed the spaghetti. This from our kid who eats a diet consisting of about 4 items - cheese, yogurt, cereal and juice boxes. juice boxes count?

After the kids finished dinner, they ran wild through the open rooms.

Singing their songs.

Baby girl, trying to walk!

Now on to a silly song....."Peal Your Banana". I loved this one as a kid. Jack really thought it was fun.

Our precious boy.


Anonymous said...

He does look so grown up!

Anonymous said...

I love that he is wearing the muscle shirt under the church shirt... that is too funny! Can't wait to see you all!

Shannon said...

I just read recently where someone was saying how grown up kids become from 6 to 7. These pics pretty much confirm that! I'll hold tightly to my 6 year old "baby" before he gets too big by this time next year.