Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

It seems as though I've thrown off some balance in the environment by asking Blake to kill the snake this week. I was cursed by my brother....yes, the entomologist, Chris....for doing such. Bull snakes, as I was told, are our friends and eat mice and rattle snakes. He informed me to not kill a snake unless it was rattling at me.

I apologized and pledged to never do it again, no matter whether the snake is carrying off one of my children or not. Chris thinks that a bull snake likes the very being I was protecting from it.

Jack + snake = trouble to me, but perhaps I had that wrong.

I take all animal-related advice from my brother very seriously, as I am pretty sure there is some sort of link from him to the animal world, much like Ace Ventura or Jack Hanna. He simply knows too much for me not to conform.

So, my advice to you all....don't kill snakes...they do more good than harm. I've learned my lesson.

Can we still kill spiders?


Shannon said...

Sorry, Casey's brother, I'm still killing snakes even though rationally I know they aren't usually harmful. :)

Malinda said...

I grew up with a policeman father who would get the gun out and shoot all snakes that crossed his path, so I have also never formed any attachment to snakes.

Blake should have just driven off with it in his wheel. I think that might have taken care of it as well.

Phillip also had to sell his python before we were married. It was a requirement.