Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I hesitate to really endorse too much that Oprah provides to us...not because she isn't good, but because I like to find my own inspiration. But, after seeing her show today, I found myself running to the computer to share this with you all. This lecture is similar to one played on her show today by a man named Randy Pausch who is dying of pancreatic cancer. His message is simple and clear and one that I hope you'll take the time to view.

You can do so at the video below or you can learn more from his site, www.thelastlecture.com.

I particularly loved his suggestion that we allow our kids to paint their rooms. As a kid we would never have been allowed to do such and my mom went as far as placing items per her design on our bulletin boards. My instincts drove me to do the same and for several years, Carter's room was picture perfect and always in certain order.

I let go of Carter's room about a year ago and not only has he been thrilled to take over the walls and decorating, I have learned even more about him through seeing his tastes and preferences. There are a dozen sets of lego instructions thumb tacked to his wall and although it's not my favorite decor, he cherishes it. As do I now.

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