Monday, June 16, 2008

Pat The Bunny

Carrie Darney, a Starnes Blog reader, avid commenter (love this about her), and mother of Hagen recently mentioned "Pat the Bunny" in one of her comments. I had to highlight this because it is my most cherished baby book.

My grandmother owned a toy store in Magnolia, Arkansas during my childhood years and beyond and it was just about the most special thing in the world to a grandaughter. We'd go during holidays, Christmas break and summers and I would do nothing but clean her store, wrap gifts occassionally for customers, rearrange the front window, play in the doll room, etc. I cherished her store and the memories I have from it.

One thing I recall very clearly is her suggestion to so many customers to give "Pat the Bunny" as a baby gift. And, that was a stretch for Nonnie (our name for my grandmother) because Nonnie loved to make money and it's a fairly inexpensive book, even at her inflated prices. Most customers bought it and I hope they loved it as much as my kids have.
Our current copy is in pieces, so I need to replace it and if you don't have one yourself for your kiddo, I suggest buying one here. Used copies are pretty cheap.
Your comment, Carrie, today brought back so many sweet memories and good feelings about my grandmother. We had the same birthday and a very special bond. I learned my love of retail from her (not just shopping....selling) and I feel as though I took from her a willingness to help and not just sell to people - back when I was in the working world.

Her store was attached to her house....a buzzer went off when a customer came in....and when I was allowed to go out and help, I couldn't have felt more important. This was back in a time before online shopping and before there was a Target and Walmart in each town. Speaking of, I can still remember Nonnie talking about "Big Walmart" taking over Magnolia. And, eventually it did...and sales suffered. But, the store remained open and I loved that.


Anonymous said...

Aww..that is so sweet! Hagen can pat the bunny, play peek a boo, and scratches Daddy's face...but he just loves putting his little finger through Mama's ring. Such a great book that is read everynight before bed!!!

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