Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Way To Help

Every month or so, The Lupus Foundation calls our house to request a donation. Since we have 3 young children and are constantly changing out seasons of clothes, shoes, jackets...I keep a space on-hand in the basement to collect items to donate. It's fast and easy. And, they come to your door!!!! No more driving around town looking for a donation spot or Good Will. They leave a tax form to fill out and couldn't make the process any easier. We simply have to put the bags out by 7:30am on the specific date set. You even get a reminder call the day before.

I'm sure there are more options like that outside of Denver. Check in with your local Lupus Foundation or other organizations in need for more details. I'm thrilled to give and the convenience factor makes it that much easier.

The kids are in on it, too, and Carter occassionally brings something of his own to contribute. My, he's come a long way since our first attempt at teaching charity with him at age 2 (brilliant on our part - the most selfish age). Upon cleaning out the playroom, he asked what we were going to do with his stuff. I told him that there were kids out there who needed our old toys and that he was such a good boy for helping. Our only response...."But, MOM!!!!! Poor kids don't yike toys!!!!"

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Malinda said...

That is a great system for donating. I looked it up here locally, and it looks like the North Texas chapter only accepts monetary donations.

Have you ever heard of www.freecycle.org? That's another way getting rid of stuff you no longer need. It doesn't go to charity, but it cuts back on the amount of things that are in the landfills.