Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Elitch Gardens With Caroline

When Caroline comes in town, everything seems just a bit more special. Here we are at Elitch Gardens.

With Carter and screaming teenage girls on the water rapid ride.

They both ended up soaked and remained that way most of the day. Carter loved it. Caroline tolerated it like the good sport she is.

Dad and Carter on his favorite, the swings.

Caroline took Jack through the ball party. Here he is feeding the foam balls up the vacuum shoots. He could do this all day long.

Caroline trying to walk Jack and hold his hand. His independence is coming out and he prefers to walk alone, though.

He finally got loose and took off!

Precious Carter on one of the rides in the kid section.

Later in the day....

Carter and Jack up on stage while the performers took a break.

Dad and Carter on a new ride. Each time we go, we insist Carter tries at least one new ride....this one was fun.

Dance party....

More chasing of Jack. It was so nice to have Caroline in town to help.

Dad finally caught him and gave Caroline a break.

Getting closer to evening and almost time to go home.

Back to the stage area where they have dance lessons. Blake participated for our enjoyment.

And, Carter did the limbo.

Last event.....Carnaval del Fuego in the Elitch Arena. It was a fireworks/pyrotechnics show that turned out to be pretty cool at times and scary, too.

This creepy guy on stilts always fascinates Carter. We saw him at Fright Fest, too.

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