Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Children's Museum

These are from a while ago....just now catching up with some posting. We went to The Children's Museum of Denver, which is probably the best thing we've done "for kids" since arriving in Colorado. It's an award winning museum and came highly recommended. We're due back for a visit soon!

In the vet room where Carter pretended to take care of sick animals.

This was a big hit - the firetruck.

The Center For the Young Child, where Jack fit right in.

Carter working on a painting.

The boys played together in this section filled with Brio train structures.

Carter checking in on little brother while playing a game of basketball.

In the "restaurant"....Carter cooking and serving lemonade.

The underground world.

These ants were very popular - Carter gathered them all for Jack.

And, then pretended they were attacking him. Nice.

The workshop.

Back to his favorite, the firetruck.


Shannon said...

We were at that museum 10 years ago and really loved it. I'm glad you all went and glad you loved it just as much! Blake and I recently visited the children's museum in Wichita and happy to report that it's super great too - better than Fort Worth's museum! :)

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