Thursday, July 19, 2007

Two Hard Working Boys

As posted about previously, Blake has been working with our neighbor on building the fence between our two houses. Every other part of our fence was complete upon purchasing our home. We thought this would be an easy project and something that could save us some money because the estimate from our contractor came in ridiculously high. Plus, the cost should be shared since the fence will benefit both families.

In retrospect, we would have paid 3 times the amount of the original estimate to have this fence done!!!! It's been a real hassle and more costly than we had expected. We're still saving money, but it's been a pain.

The one good thing that did come from this project is some quality father-son time working on the fence together. Carter was so cute bringing over pickets for Blake to nail in and then breaking every few minutes for water and popsicles.

It should be done this weekend....only a little bit left to do....which includes the detail on the top of the fence. Then, we're pretty much done working on the house for the season.

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