Tuesday, February 11, 2014


We were honored to attend the baptism of sweet baby Behr Ivy James Beatty, the son of my long time friend, Kelly.  Attended 9:00am mass at Sacred Heart on Coronado Island with ceremonies during.  It was lovely.  

Blake was traveling, so I was in charge of dressing this group and wrangling kids.  They did so well.

Kelly looked beautiful!

Girls after mass.

Afterwards, we went back to Kelly's house for a beautiful luncheon.  Kelly is a fantastic entertainer and everything is always first class.

Magnolia Beau was darling, as always.  Big sister!

See that artwork in Maggie's nursery?  I designed it!  (so proud)

It was such a special day.  And, the most exciting part was when Behr had a poopy diaper.  All the kids gathered for the show.

We're so blessed to have the Beattys in our lives!  

And, as Behr's Godmother, I have a lifetime ahead of me dedicated to this precious child.  I will take this role seriously and cannot wait to share my faith with him as he grows.  I feel so lucky!

Back soon with beach pics after the party.  They're darling.

Off now to write.  My life currently consists of non-stop writing, Carter's middle school basketball, Jack's Minecraft, and Lainey's fashion love.

No complaints!


Jodee said...

What a fun day! The punks clean up so well! Great pictures!

Jo said...

Kids looked great and you look great with a baby .... how about another little punk?

starnes family said...

Jo - funny girl!

Unknown said...

I just saw this post! Love it!! The pics (and punks) are beautiful! P.s. Brian was not present in pics with priest because MB pee'd on him. Thanks for a fabulous day!

Jboo said...

Oh my - so sweet! Love that babe's reddish hair! So cute! Baptisms are so special - they always make me cry!

Emmy said...

Looks like a wonderful special day.