Monday, September 08, 2008

The Drive To Aspen

A few photos from our drive into the mountains a couple of weeks ago. Aspen is about 3.5 hours away, but it goes quickly. Lots to see along the way.

Part of our path included The Top of the Rockies, a scenic byway recognized for its beauty and place in history.

The Eisenhower Tunnel....significant to our ski trips. Typically covered in snow and the other side holds a steep decline and usually a pretty good indication of road conditions closer to the resorts.

The mountains always look so different in the snow on the ski runs!

Interesting town of Leadville.

10,200 feet elevation.

I love how the clouds cast shadows on the mountains.

About 30 miles out from Aspen, the roads start winding around. Such a scary drive!

These pictures don't do it justice. Such tight turns and we couldn't see a thing coming our way. And, does this look like a 2 lane road?!

Closer to the hotel... you can see the festival down below...the white tents.

The view from our room. We stayed in Snowmass at the Skier's Chalet, placed perfectly slope side.

Everything looks so different without snow.

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Sara said...

What beautiful scenery! Looks like a lovely trip.