Monday, September 29, 2008


Carter's football league had Homecoming on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. Much effort made by parents on the team to make this day a special one.

Carter was captain again!

A mascot arrived. Jack LOVED this!

Lainey here....starting to look like a chubby baby in the face.

Maybe because she loves ballpark nachos like her Mama.

Poor Jack trying to give the mascot "five". He got faked out again and again.

Before the game, the parents were lined up and after each player's name was called, he ran across the field to give the mom a rose. Sweetness.


Moni said...

Gosh, I feel old! Do you realize that we were Carter's age when we were cheering for the Eagles? How long ago was that....26 years? Ugh :(

??? said...

I love those nachos too!!!

again...great pictures!!I love them all!