Monday, September 01, 2008

Camping Trip Report

Well, we have been quite busy during this holiday weekend. Aspen was lovely, as reported before, and then our trip with the kids into Estes for Sunday and Monday was great, too.

Camping with 3 kids, 2 still in diapers and one still in a crib. What's not fun about that?!

It was an interesting night to say the least. After a brief rain, we started off with a typical campfire with the kids cooking hotdogs and smores over the fire. They really enjoyed this and I loved watching them have so much fun. We started focusing on bedtime around 8:00ish, when the sun went down. Lainey was pretty easy...took her bottle....snuggled up in her pack-n-play in the tent....and was out by 8:30. Both boys followed after a ghost story by the fire and some time looking at the stars. By 9:00, all 3 kids were asleep. Not bad!

Blake and I enjoyed the evening for a bit after we were child free, I went to bed, Blake put out the fire and followed shortly behind. It seemed like everything was going smoother than it should be and the events that followed confirmed our suspicions!

At 2:00am, the wind picked up and a fierce storm rolled through. Not a lot of rain, but severe winds that sounded unlike any I had ever heard before. Lainey woke and would not go back to sleep. Blake eventually took her into the car to avoid the winds. She slept here and there, but poor Blake did not. I stayed in the tent with the boys, braved the winds, and comforted Jack when he was scared. I caught a bit of sleep once the winds died down around 5:00am, but the sun was right behind and ready to wake us.

Overall thoughts? With kinder weather, I think it could have been more successful. We learned a few things, too, and will be better prepared next time. First, we'll be sure to bring and use the air mattress to help with comfort in the tent. Second, we will have the back of the Suburban cleared out and seats folded down should we have to take a child in and out of the tent. We'll be set with blankets and pillows so that whomever goes in will be comfortable.

The camp site, itself, was fantastic. A great location, good price, decent showers and bathrooms, lots of things for kids to do (pool, playground, rocks to climb, streams to play in) and more. Our particular location on the site was good, too, since we wanted some distance from others in case our kids did just as they did. If we go back to Mary's By The Lake, we'll request the same spot for sure.

Lots and lots of pictures....but I'm too tired tonight. Check in tomorrow!

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