Monday, September 22, 2008

Movin' On Up

The Little Blog That Could has gone Hollywood. We're now

If we're saved in your favorites as the original address, no problem. You'll be redirected.

Now, this may seem trivial to some, but don't dismiss it. 2 years ago when I started this project, I was beyond clueless. Poor Shannon has held my hand and walked me through this journey only to be annoyed time and time again with an obligation to answer my questions. If there were one of those blog awards for patience, she'd win, hands down.

Check out her blog if you have the time. That girl's got mad skills. I know...I know.....feel free to disregard the Obama loving masthead. I said she was good at computers, not voting. :)


Shannon said...

You might want to change your password before I redirect your site to!

starnes family said...

Nice one.