Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

OK. Take a lunch break or the rest of the day off. This is a long post.

Many pictures from our day at the adventure park. Lots of cool things to do. A bit pricey, but it's packed with attractions you can't find at other parks.

At the bottom of the mountain. You take this tram up.

This way. Quite a ride!

Punkin Laine having fun waiting for our turn.

The boys.

My other boy.

First stop....the maze. Jack gets us started. We were not totally prepared for this part. Not a good place to let a toddler run wild!

Here's the overview from one of 4 towers. You have to make your way to each tower, punch your card, and then back out. Started feeling like the boy from The Shining for a while there.

Carter punching his card. He finished the maze in 6 minutes. It would have taken me all day.

Rock climbing.

Sandbox and Dinosaur Dig for little ones. Toddlers + sand = we paid for this?

The teepee next door.

Bull ride! Carter did this over and over again.

A pic of the park from one end.

Jack and Lainey panning for gold.

Jack checking out the view.

OK, this was one of the top 2 attractions there. It's called The Swing Shot. Basically, it's a huge swing that takes you out over the canyon. Carter and Blake and pictured on it here:

Now my turn. The view from the swing being pulled back and ready to go.

Our adrenaline junky mid-ride.

And, here is the other top attraction. Carter and I are pictured here returning to the top of the mountain on the alpine coaster.

On the ride....

Blake and Carter giving it a try.

Jack wanted to ride so badly, but you had to be 3 years old. The people here were as nice as Disney cast members. They let him sit on the sled and then cruise down to the take off point. Over and over and over again!

Blake and Carter heading back up.

Carter riding by himself. LOVED it.

Pure joy.

I entertained the babies while the big boys rode again.

A couple of views from the park. Gorgeous!

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