Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Almost There

Little brother tried very hard to be cool at Carter's last game. As the next team lined up to do exercises, Jack jumped in.

But, he blew it when an airplane flew over. "Prane! Prane!", pointing to the sky and squealing with enthusiasm only a 2 year old could muster = not so cool or tough.


Coco said...

Thanks so much for the award Casey!! I had no idea you gave it to me, it is my very first one!

I love your site, just precious. I have lots of questions regarding Lainey's bday attire.

But about the linking. Like if I was talking about your site, how do I make it appear so people can just click on it. Does that make any since? And how do I add my award and stuff. I am totally dumb with computers and this blog stuff. Let me know.

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