Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Football Is Life

Well, sorta. I've actually grown to like this new sport of Carter's, despite the 3 qty 2 hour practices each week and then a game on Saturday. You read that correctly. He's 7 years old.

The coaches are great and far better organized than I had predicted. I could not imagine teaching goofy little boys the basics of the game, let alone plays. Yes, they have a playbook!

But, don't let all of this tough stuff fool you. Carter still looks over a few times each game to say "Hi!" to his mom and even at times, giving me the heart gesture with his hands. That boy loves his mamma.

The banner before the game.

Break through!

Carter, #53.

Me with Lainey in tow. Since I retired the Baby Bjorn, I bought an Ergo. Lainey is still getting used to it. And, she better end up loving it so that I can wear it often. I love having her close and more importantly, Blake keeps reminding me of how much I spent on it. Not cheap!

A better view.

Sweaty guy after the game.

Love this one....

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