Wednesday, September 17, 2008


All right. Here's the thing. I've become a little daring lately with the blog and have experimented with some layouts. Several people have let me know that they are having all sorts of trouble with the site - from taking forever for the page to not being able to view photos at all.

So, I reverted back to an old-school, Blogger approved template. Let me know how this one does!


Malinda said...

I followed the link on your blog and also got a new background. It is loading slower, so I will probably go back to the one of the 6 or so backgrounds from Blogger that work on my Mac. How boring.

starnes family said...

I've learned to take the "boring" templates and customize them. Change colors, fonts, sizes, etc.....then add a creative header. Not sure about the Mac part of the equation, but let me know if you need some help.

And, that just sounds so wrong. ME offering help to YOU, design genius!

Anonymous said...

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