Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kansas City

Big news from our little family. Blake has accepted a promotion to the corporate office in Kansas City as Project Operations Manager. Although we're sad to leave Colorado, it's a great move for his career.

We're excited about venturing into a new part of the country and finding things we love as we have here in Denver. (And, most important, we'll still be close enough to ski each year!)

Blake will move in a few weeks and I'll stay back with the kids to keep Carter in school, football, religious education, etc. We will follow as soon as our house sells, but with the tough market we're in, we're expecting it to take several months.

Where will we be for Christmas? Don't know. Where will we be living in 2009? Don't know. Will I be committed to an insane asylum as a result of staying back to raise these 3 wild children by myself? Likely. I'll post updates on the blog, so you can follow our transition and my mental breakdown here.

Stay tuned!

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