Saturday, September 20, 2008

House Prep and Travel This Weekend

Blake and I have scrubbed this house from baseboard to ceiling. The basement is clean enough to live in even though it's unfinished. Batman has been advised not to shed anymore due to the overwhelming amount of cat hair we fished out of there. Surely, he will oblige.

We applied touch up paint, moved furniture (yet again) to maximize space, removed many personal touches (pictures mostly), removed all kid-related items from the front living room, de-cluttered rooms throughout and more. The lawn is perfect. Mums are planted and blooming at their peak. Pumpkins are strategically placed around the house and outside.

Cookies were made this evening. Candles are set. In the morning, we'll do more.

This is a great holiday house and I want to portray that to buyers. Fall decor is in place (not too much - don't want to appear as the lunatic I am) and we'll have Chex Mix for our guests. Chex Mix = holidays. I want people to picture themselves in this house for the upcoming season.

Feeling a lot like Annette Benning from American Beauty at this point.

So, to avoid the Open House and showing tomorrow morning, we're getting out of town. We're staying a couple of nights in Glenwood Springs as mentioned before. Lots of fun stuff to do.

Here is the town. Pretty amazing.

We hope to make it to Hanging Lake. The pictures following look fantastic and like something we shouldn't miss. One glitch, however. It's a 1.2 mile hike from the trail head and we rise over 1,000 feet in elevation along the way. With the little ones? Not sure if we'll make it. Need to talk to a local for advice.

Gorgeous water.

Pictures from Glenwood Springs Cavern Adventure Park.....

The cave tour looks like fun, but we need to ask further about this, too. Upon researching and calling today, we learned that the tour is 70 minutes long. Carter would love it. Jack and Lainey? Not so sure.

This is the tram that takes us to the top of Iron Mountain, where the park is located.

And, one of the rides. Can't wait.

The hotel has free high speed Internet, so I'll try to post if possible. Have a great weekend!

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