Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kids' Weekend

Love this silly picture of Lainey at Elitch's last weekend.

Up late Friday night after a day out in Colorado Springs. Saw one of my best friends, Millie, here in town for a wedding. Lunch at the Broadmoor, catching up with a loved one, enjoying the mountain views as we returned home and the storm passed.

Arrived at the house to find our realtor. Signed papers, staged the house, took photos, watched a sign go up in the front yard. It's real. It's happening. We're moving!

The very thought of the months ahead sans Daddy/Husband/Friend/Co-Taxi Blake sent me out the door and to the movies - my favorite escape when I need a couple of hours to myself.

Back home to prepare for our baby girl's first birthday party tomorrow. "Lainey's Sweet Shoppe" is in full effect, but still more to add. Thanks to everyone who wrote me with recipes. Not sure how I'd make it in life without girlfriends.

Up early tomorrow with a football game, more party prep, Pa's arrival in the afternoon and then the gala tomorrow evening. Time to rest? No way. Thomas the Train arrives at our train museum in Golden, Colorado early Sunday morning.

So, it's all kids, all the time around here until Monday. Will post as I can. Have a great weekend!

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