Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday Party

More pictures from Lainey's big night.

She wore her special party hat for at least an hour before everything started.

Opening gifts from out of town family. Love the wrapping paper!

Pa brought Jack in to join the festivities.

A gift from Pa and Mae Mae.

In her birthday dress.

Pa and Blake putting together the party favors.

The theme of the party....

Pictures of our princess outside.

Back inside... Her favors, finished. Well done, boys!

Look closely at Lainey's wrist. Blake started her charm bracelet from our favorite, James Avery. He put the charms on a child's silver hook link so that later on in life, she can add them to a big-girl bracelet permanently.

I love how baby girls naturally try to nurture others. Here is Lainey giving Olivia back her pacifier.

Fun opening presents!

With Amber.

And, more presents!

Lainey is officially bottle free, but loved trying out the baby dolls' versions.

Belinda and Linda playing with Lainey and her new toys.

Cake time!

Messy girl.

Belinda entertained Jack for quite some time blowing bubbles.

Belinda and me with 2 little ones.

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Shannon said...

Yea, cute pics, cute theme, cute kids. Look at Jack smiling so cute in that last one. Adorable.