Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Camping Day 1

Optimistic and excited, we launched into our first day of camping. No one knew really what to expect, kids included.

One of the funnest parts.....everyone sitting around enjoying the weather and the usually-banned from our diets, Cheetos. Life is good in the great outdoors where tiny orange fingers can't stain the furniture (and Mom doesn't think about the junk they're eating).

Lainey loved the dirt, rocks and just about anything else she could put in her mouth.

The camp site.

Carter took Jack on a tour of the grounds.

Sweet brothers.

A neighbor to our tent.

Lainey looks so little here!

"Maybe I should do something about this belly."

"Not today. Mom bought Cheetos."

Tent is up. So much fun!

The boys exploring the grounds.

Surprisingly, Jack found water and jumped right in.


It rained for a bit, so we hung out in the tent.

Funny Daddy.

All 3 kids in the pack-n-play.

Jack brought his favorite bear.

Look closely at this one. Not sure who is more proud of the campfire....Dad or Jack.

I had to run after our no-fear middle child at one point.

One of the views from our site.

Carter cooking dinner.

Love this kid.


A marshmallow for Lainey.

Jack enjoying his dessert.

Here is Blake telling a campfire story from his youth called "The Jersey Devil". It includes talk of an on-the-run prisoner who terrorized people at camp sites. Brilliant.

The boys, ready for bed.

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