Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Rock Creek Farm

Sunday brought us out to the pumpkin patch at Rock Creek. Wanted Blake to experience a little bit of fall and Halloween before he leaves.

The farm has a lot to do.....several "U Pick Em" pumpkin patches, hay maze, Egyptian corn maze (click on their link above for the aerial view), petting zoo and more. All set in Broomfield, about 30 minutes from us.

The boys loved wandering through the fields.

And, Lainey loved it all.

Beautiful patch with the Flatiron Mountains off in the distance.

Love how Carter always has it together for our attempts at a good picture of all 3 kids. The little ones do as they please.

This is a new favorite of Jack's. Anytime both Blake and I are annoying him together, he throws both arms up with index fingers pointing while screaming, "Nooooooo!!!!!" at us.

Hay maze.

Petting zoo.

Trying to be like big brother.

She's looking back at us with delight after finding a her new facial expressions.

Lots of shopping for pumpkins and gourds.


Shannon said...

Some cute pics there especially the one with all 3 kids smiling which is a hard one to pull off. Adorable. Love that even Blake's shirt was in the fall spirit. ;)

Coco said...

Love it. Those pics are perfect. I can't wait to get the kids dressed up for the pumpkin patch.

Malinda said...

Great photos, perfect amount of clouds to give you the perfect light for photos.

Looks like Lainey is going to be a blondie like your boys.

??? said...

WOW...loved all the pictures. I truly love going to a pumpkin patch. I think its just super duper fun times with the kiddos!!