Monday, September 29, 2008

Old Friends

Lots of upcoming posts entirely out of order in our near future. Bear with me. I've been a bit distracted.

A few pictures from lunch with one of my dearest friends, Amelia, a few weeks ago in Colorado Springs at The Broadmoor. She was in town for a wedding, so I drove down with the little ones for a visit.

Amelia - without shame - claimed Lainey as her own on more than one occasion. Random stranger: "What a cute baby!" Amelia: "Thanks. My daughter turns 1 on Sunday."

Here is Lainey with her fake mommy.

I was thrilled to see Lisa, too, pictured here with Jack.

Ameila and me with the babies.

1 comment:

Little O' Me said...

Looks like a fun day with friends and babies!

That's too funny about your friend claiming Lainey!! I would have had a hard time not laughing each time she claimed her.