Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Grown Up Food

Since we're just a few days away from Lainey's 1st Birthday Bash, I figured I should take the focus off of the overwhelming amount of sweets that will be provided and put some attention on the actual "food". This is not a dinner party....so we'll have the usual party staples, plus the kid stuff....but enough to suffice for a meal, hopefully.

I've been in a rut over the past year or so....providing the same old standard dips and such. I'm afraid that if I make spinach dip one more time, our guests will protest and return home. Anyone have an easy option or two for adults? Dips, salads, appetizers.....anything....please....send me an email or comment!

In researching my favorite sites, I found this recipe for Bacon Appetizers. I've never heard of such a thing. Crackers and cheese wrapped in bacon. Is that legal?

Check it out:

The woman who runs this site is brilliant and so I trust her judgment. But, they do seem like an artery clogging nightmare.

I found this, too. Olive Cheese Bread. Yum.

And, Onion Strings. Not a real possibility in this house because I don't fry anything. Not because I don't like fried food, but because I hate the way my house smells for the following 3 weeks.

This does seem like an awfully unhealthy list of options.

Perhaps I need to take a walk around the block and re-evaluate which direction this menu is going in.

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