Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just A Thought

I wonder if hospitals could throw in another lesson in parents' readiness classes?

Like how to reattach the keys to your keyboard when your 2 year old pops them off? Seriously. We can all figure out how to change a diaper or swaddle a baby. But, who knows how to fix a really critical problem such as this?

Jack removed 6 letters. I found 3. For a few hours I could not find the others. Finally, as I was trying to type sans Y, H, and P, I realized he had shoved them under the space bar.

Now, everything is off and I'm about 2 minutes away from ordering a new laptop. Never mind the fact that this one is 4 months old. It's my only sanity-securing device in the house.

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Coco said...

I am laughing my ass off right now! Bram did the same thing to our laptop last year. Right now I am typing on a keyboard without ning letters. Not kidding.

You will actually get used to it.