Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Not much to report today. We had a rough night, as Jack is sick and is just now sleeping for more than 20 minutes for the first time in 12 hours. Hopefully, we're past the worst part, but who knows?

Interesting timing, too. One of my New Year's Resolutions (among many) is to find work-from-home. I grow restless without (quite literally) too much to do, and the extra income will always help. I started updating my resume yesterday and without prior knowledge of that, received a call from a neighbor to do some accounting work for a local company. Fabulous! Perhaps Jack sensed my plans to leave the home for something other than tending to his diapers and bottles?!

I assured him, though, that I will not be leaving him. I simply went across the street for some training. Just after that conversation with the baby, the vomitting stopped. Coincidence?

He's in his bed now, in and out of sleep, after some help from FeverAll (our saving grace each time this kind of bug comes around)....cooing and talking here and there. I think he's happy knowing that his mama won't be leaving him after all.

I went back to work outside of the home when Carter was about Jack's age. I loved it and Carter did so well in his school. And, I was proud to be a working mother. With 2, though, it seems harder....not only because of the extremely high cost of daycare, but with 2 kids getting sick, 2 kids needing doctor appointments, 2 kids going to the dentist....all the while, Blake traveling at times and putting me on call 100%. So, I'm grateful for my opportunity to be home and will work hard to find a career from home that will satisfy my need to stay busy and to help with the mortgage, college savings, travel, etc.

And, onto Carter. He was very excited to put on his new Christmas gift, an LSU sweatshirt, to wear to school in preparation for tonight's game. LSU is playing Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl.

Doing his best football throwing stance.