Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Meals With Jack

We're in the process of introducing more and more foods to Jack. I'm determined to not make the same mistakes I did with Carter...and that included allowing him to drink BACK TO BACK 8 OUNCE BOTTLES. Truth be told, Jack has never drank more than 6 ounces at a time and he seems just fine with it. I've even given in to peer pressure and have given him the every-mom-approved Cheerios, even though I watch him psychotically waiting for him to choke on one.

I had the same issue with Carter...the choking fear...and anything that was not cut up tiny or completely wet, I was sure he would choke on it. But, I'm getting better. He eats baby toast and the pinwheel snacks and of course, fruit puffs. I don't think they made those when Carter was a baby...or maybe I was terrified of them, too....but we watched Halle, Cortney and Ryan's daughter (good friends from Keller, TX), devour them daily at his age, so I'm thinking Jack might survive them, too.

He's also increased his tolerance for baby food, now including green beans and a few other varieties, but apples and chicken have remained his favorite.

A few pictures of some recent food trials....

Avacado...he loved it and then despised it, all within 2 meal's attempts.

And, spaghetti with the family at dinner Tuesday night.