Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jack And The Kitty

Batman and Jack have become friends lately and share the same randomly timed affection for Jack's toys. It seems that when he's not working on fixing the TV or programming the VCR, Jack will approach his collection of toys....and with great enthusiasm if Batman is anywhere near them. They are cute together....check out the pictures.

He finally got his tail!

This is a cute frog pond toy that you fill with water and the bugs inside move around with the water swishing. The perimeter of it should be filled with air, but our "healthy" 22 pound 8 month old sat on it and punctured a hole, we believe. I'm sure the water part will be next.

Sweetest boy.

Sometimes Batman will just lay there waiting for Jack to play with him.


caroline said...

Cute overload!

Anonymous said...

22 pounds!!!

Starnes Family said...

I think the first comment is for you, TJ!!!!

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