Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Our Happy Little Electrician

Jack has one focus in life, other than eating and sleeping, and that is to ignore all of his expensive toys and only go after the remote controls, dvd's, electrical wires, etc. We could fill the living room with every toy imaginable and if he were to spot a camera or anything related to electronics, he's gone.

Notice his toys to the left, ignored and untouched. Instead, he rearranges the videos and holds the remote.

"Gimme that camera, mom."

Such a happy baby.


Anonymous said...

i see that he has chosen a political movie to watch on the war in Iraq??

Anonymous said...

Just like my Blake - always loving the gadgets. Blake calls them "contraptions" and that's all he ever wants. Christmas gifts this year included circuits for making electricity (with a battery!), marble track w/suspension bridge, magnet sets and a metal detector (that he slept with!). Future engineers I think! ;)

starnes family said...

Jen....yes, it's political. He's very in tune with the war and such issues.

Shannon...I'll take an engineer! Like his namesake, my dad.