Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Carterism I

Before we started the blog, I would occassionally send out an email with a "Carterism" in it to family and friends. It included some oddity that Carter came up with...entertaining and almost always bizarre. Thought I'd add them to the blog now instead.

Upon shopping for after-Christmas sales last week, Carter blurted out the strangest comment to Jack...of course during the one single 5 second silence that occured at Banana Republic during that given day. He's reaching into Jack's stroller to hand him a toy and says, "Mom, I'm not going to give him another toy and take this hideous baby back to the hospital!!!!"

Heads turned, over-priced sweaters were dropped...it was quite awkward. Now, most Carterisms are self-made, but this one was not. He got it from a dorky cat calendar Caroline bought while in town which depicted a cat with a pacifier in its mouth and a bubble over his head suggesting that his owner take the hideous baby back to the hospital or he will not let go of the pacifier.

Let me tell you......this is a hard one to explain to the dozen or so people staring in disbelief at us.

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