Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Day of School! First Day of School!

Precious Carter started the 2nd grade today.

The obligatory picture in the entry as we do each year. Don't mind his shirt not tucked in. I tried and tried last year and finally, Blake told me that when he drops him off in the morning, he can see him untucking as he walks in.

The things mothers don't know.

He asked me last night if I was going to walk him into his classroom. Umh, yeah! He said it was OK after I told him that I increased his "coolness factor". Didn't agree, but he let me go anyway. And, I will continue to go on the first day until he starts college. Then, I'll hide in the bushes.

And, yes, I brought my camera. Glad I did...we ran into Amber bringing her two kids in. Rien on the left (6th grade), Brody (4th grade) and Carter.

And, I even took pictures inside. I'm really that crazy.

Hanging his new backpack up. Always so excited to have new clothes, shoes, back pack, lunch box, etc.

At his desk. Pictured on the far right (brown haired little girl with her hand on her head) is Hope. She lives in our neighborhood and we adore her. Each time she sees him, she says "Hi, Carter!" in this sing songy voice. So cute! I also love Carter's typical nervous look on his face. It always pleases me to see him a bit intimidated. He's such a full force kid....being a little vulnerable every now and then is good for him.

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Shannon said...

He's so big now. Where are all the other moms being their kids personal paparazzi? :)

None of these shots for us since all kids ride the bus even on the first day. Also no new clothes, backpack or taking lunches to school. We're so mean.