Monday, August 11, 2008

1st Day In Estes

Arrived around 10:00am and headed into town.

Our favorite haunted hotel, The Stanley.

Baby girl, getting big.

Estes is a picture perfect, friendly little town that couldn't be more convenient to us at just an hour away.

Stopped for a bit at the various parks to let the kids get out and roam.

Carter asked me to take his picture with this dog. He absolutely loves them and I can't wait to get him one eventually. It's such a big step.....adopting a dog....and we're not quite ready. The daily walks, clean up, boarding while we travel - it's a big responsibility. Having Batman allows us the fun of having a pet, but with very little effort. We can take off for the weekend and he's fine here. A dog throws us into a whole different realm of care. One day....maybe when more than 1/3 of our kids are potty trained.

A rite of passage for our oldest - getting his first pocket knife from Dad. Blake had planned on bringing his from Boy Scouts - both the small version for a child (if such a thing exists) and also a bigger one for Dad. He forgot them, so we found one in a shop and Blake gave it to him, but not without a long list of rules. Carter nearly started crying. I love this picture.

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