Monday, August 11, 2008

2nd Grade

We took a walk on Friday to check Carter's class list to find his teacher. Tomorrow includes "Meet the Teacher" day....dropping off school supplies, loading his lunch account, signing up for volunteer opportunties, seeing the classroom and more. Lots to learn!

Jack and Carter searching for Carter's name. Good thing little brother was there to help.

Our first born....starting second grade in 2 days!

We celebrated our last night of summer with a trip to Dairy Queen for Carter's all time favorite, a cotton candy blizzard. He and Blake are now having a slumber party in the playroom, watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and consuming more sugar. I always enjoy our summer routine....or lack there of.....but school starting each year brings more consistency and everyone seems to respond to that. Weather cooling off, shorter days, leaves changing and my favorite time of right around the corner.

This coming school year brings many changes for our precious son. Tackle football is in full swing. More freedom at school and choices to make. And, a very special Catholic sacrament, his First Communion in the spring. Religious Education starts mid-September and it's a very important year of studies. Stay tuned!

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