Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Train Museum

Another membership we've certainly gotten our money's worth with!

Took the kids out to the train museum in Golden, Colorado last week. About 45 minutes away....an easy drive.....and what a treat when we arrive.

They're hosting Thomas the Train next month and if Jack knew what was in store for him, he'd be counting down the days.

We spent more time inside during this trip than the previous ones. Downstairs houses all sorts of railroad memorabilia and also a huge model train.

Outside to tour the trains.

Lainey and I took a break on the blanket while the boys ran around.

Jack was on one engine, only to hear an actual train go by. "Where d go?!"

Big girl standing up.

Toured the garage where they restore engines.

The boys.

One engine allows you to sit in the driver's seat and it simulates an actual train ride.

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