Friday, August 01, 2008

Elitch Gardens....Again

Have I already posted these pictures? They are getting repetitious. Sorry. There are just a few cute ones from our last trip out to Elitch's. It would seem as though we spend a fortune there because theme parks are not cheap, but we really don't.

Season passes get us in for free each time, we paid for a parking pass at the beginning of the summer, and we bring our $1 refill thermoses in each time we go. A few pretzels here and there and other occasional food and that's about it! We only go for a couple hours, too, during the hot summer months.

Lainey is starting to ride!

Jack and Carter with some tough looking guys on the train.

Jack now yells, "Tarter!!!!" each time Carter rides without him.

Picking flowers.

The fam.

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