Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Dragon Boat Festival

Last weekend, we took the kids out to The Dragon Boat Festival at Sloan Lake in Denver. It was super hot, but a very interesting day with tons of different cultures for the kids to experience and learn from.

The Chinese dragon was a big hit...pictured here across the lake.

A race.

Carter loved it all.

Our baby girl, starting to look like a toddler.

A demonstration from Mexico City.

Giant Connect 4!

Carter is in there somewhere.

Snow cones and popsicles. It was so hot and humid, that I didn't even care about the sugar....we all just needed to cool off!

Sweet big brother. Hard to think of our little pumpkin Jack as a big brother, but it's true!

Lainey was covered from head to toe in stickiness!

Chinese hats for all the kids....

Time on the playground before we left. Went straight home to our cool house and baths were run for everyone!

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