Monday, July 31, 2006

Preparing For Kindergarten

Carter managed to find the largest backpack known to man. He was on a mission to locate a Power Rangers backpack that rolled. You know, for all of those books at Kindergarten. We started at Target and they didn't have what we needed. We proceeded on and finally found it at the Disney Store. Here he is with it on.

And, he insisted that I include a picture for Dad with it in the rolling position. He's so proud!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, that backpack is huge!

Does he call it a packpack like Colt did for the first 12 years of his life?

Anonymous said...

I am concerned for Carter's well being. Kids with rolling backpacks are not considered cool.

starnes family said...

Carter thinks rolling backpacks are the coolest thing going. I have to trust that he knows more than me on the subject. And, no, he does not call it a "packpack". I wish he did! That was so cute!