Tuesday, September 09, 2014


LSU is back in action and looking good! We had the Davidge family over for the first game and the kids were decked out.

Porcupine, Lainey's guinea pig, goes everywhere with her.

Blake added lights to some lanterns we had previously used candles for and they add even more fun to our lovely backyard. I'd sleep out there if it were not for the opossums and coyotes. And, California King Snakes.

We attended a private party for Disneyland passholders last week and I did a little demo for www.modstraps.com a company that I've been writing for over the past year. Now, they've added me to manage some social media platforms for them (Instagram, Wanelo and Google+). And, they also just hired me to move into PR work for them, as well. It's a ton of fun!

That's me wearing one of their cute mod camera straps with the strap wrap attached to it (that holds an ID, credit card, cash, etc), and also my DSLR is covered by one of their camera pouches that slips over the camera to prevent dirt and dust.

Private party peeps!

Many unusual characters were out for the evening.

We left with sunglasses given to us by the resort. 

And, this past weekend, I ran out to run some errands only to return to this little masterpiece Blake created by hand using pallets. He's so incredibly talented with this stuff!

Fall is just ahead.......we're so excited!


Jodee said...

Oh my word! A private party? Count me in! I assume it wasn't hot or crowded!

Love, love, love your new pumpkins! Blake is definitely a keeper!

Hope you have a great week! It was fun e-chatting with you the other day! We must do it again soon!

Dee Stephens said...

How do you get chosen to be invited to the Annual Passholders party??

Jo said...

Private Party! How cool is that not! Seriously, in my next life I want to be part of your family!

I have a couple of spare pallets lying round, you want to send Blake over (he has to bring you with of course) to make some pumpkins for me?

Lauren W said...

Good times good times.

But.... Roll Tide!

Jboo said...

Wow - what a super cool private party! Looks like so much fun. Characters are my fave thing at WDW! That Blake is very talented! Love that mod camera strap cover thingy! Have a good week!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I always forget that I 'found' you through Dee and you are an LSU fan! I won't hold it against you since at least we are all SEC ;) Loos like such a fun time at the passholders event. You have some lucky kids!

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