Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dance, Take 2 & Why We Are Done Having Babies

Remember when Lainey started ballet last year?  It didn't last long.  If you remember, the instructor was considering teaching out of her home, but decided it wasn't a good fit for her family.
I'm almost positive it wasn't because The Starnes and McNamara girls were signed up.
Almost positive.
Regardless, we're giving it another try.
This time, at a formal studio with lots of structure and rules and expenses.
In fact, we will spend more this year on ballet and tap than I did on my first car.
True story.
But, how cute is this?

This child was put on the earth to dance and twirl and be Lainey.
I love it.  I love to see her face light up.

I did not like, however, managing kids while trying to figure out how this whole operation works.  Measurements, recitals, dance tights, tap shoes, ballet shoes, leotards, costumes, etc, etc.
Too much.
So, I shall be finding alternative arrangements for the boys moving forward.
Here are Lainey's costumes.
Mary Poppins for ballet and Wonderful World for tap.
They are so over the top cute.

These two goons are a sight to see.
Allison and I didn't know what to do.  They are such a mess.

I will be shocked if they are anywhere near each other on stage come recital time.

So, why are we done having children?

Because if we were to have a 4th and she turn out a girl, we'd be in the poor house.

We're pretty close already.


Kids are out of school Friday and Monday.

Carter is off to Disneyland with friends and we're staying put to celebrate Rylee's 5th birthday.  Angry Bird style.  I'm not entirely sure what an Angry Bird is, but I will figure it out tomorrow.

Up early and off to La Jolla in the morning. 



M.R. said...

I love the sparkles on her tutu!

My nieces are in ballet too...
my S-I-L owns a dance studio so it's kinda mandatory- lol!

But the recitals are the best!
Love the mary poppins costume!

Dee Stephens said...

I took dance my whole life and in high school taught Lainey's age group at my studio! So fun! I miss dance which is why I love to watch Dance Moms on Lifetime! Keep all her costumes! ESP since they are her first real ones. I still have my first along with my shoes. My Mom wants to frame if we are ever lucky enough to have a child and it's a girl

Kristen said...

Although I want to keep Quinn tiny forever because I know she will grow up too fast as it is.... I cannot wait for her to have adventures like this. I'm not looking forward to the costs... but that's life.
And LOVE Lainey's tutu. Also love that her little friend decided at one point to wear her tutu as a bandeau top instead of a skirt. Classic.

donatelli98 said...

Love it Casey ... those two girls together are trouble! I thought soccer was expensive but Bia is going to drain us when she starts a more formal dance class. But like Lainey I think she was born to dance.

Katherine said...

I feel your pain. I just had to fork over $280 for costume fees for my girls and it is $70 a month for both of them to take dance. There will also be recital fees in our future. However, this is Emily's first year and when they are in the "baby class", their daddies dance with them on stage at the recital. Jason will have to wear a tux. It is the sweetest, most adorable thing (Caroline did it too) and I have been looking forward to this since the ultra sound revealed that we were having girl #2!!

Monica said...

Costumes are so cute! My mom still has some of our dance costumes from our recitals! I can't wait until Lyla is in dance, but I guess I better start saving up now, right?

Coco said...

Those costumes are darling!!!!! And Dee is right, keep all the costumes.

Sarah said...

oh wow, loooove that mary poppins costume!

Jodee Leader said...

Lainey is going to have soooo much fun! I still want to put Kamree in a real studio some day, but I love the Y classes for a whopping $40 total and no recital hassles or expense either. She is going to take a hip hop class just for fun and we are totally bailing on the recital because they are sooo unorganized!

Impulsive Addict said...

Ok, Emma MUST like ballet and tap. I need her to have some of those cute dresses on!

I only lasted one year. I never really figured out my niche. I guess it was BOYS.

Wiz said...

These pictures are PRECIOUS!! And I love the picture of their costumes. When John and I found out we were having a girl, John said "So we are poor now?" and I was like "Yep."


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I can't wait to hear about how her progress is. Actually, I have had multiple people tell me that I would probably be one of those "dance" or god forbid "pageant moms" but somehow knew better and gave me a boy. Now I have a boy who could care less about sports....sigh.