Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Bits

How 'bout dem tigers?

Ugh.  It was painful.  I honestly can't believe a Superbowl National Championship was won on field goals.

I kept my composure and didn't curse or scream or drink too much.  My innocent friend, Allison, was over and I don't like to scare her.  But, part of me just wanted to start throwing back vodka shots and make it all go away.

That being said, this is funny:

I'm sure I'm a hater in some people's eyes, but sometimes funny is just funny.

This, graciously given to me by my friend, Diane, is, too:

Meow Meow was humiliated.  She's a big fan.

In other news:

*I'm a wavering Pinterest participant.  I got really excited about it when I first joined, but have lost interest.  Basically, I've pinned a lot of crap that I haven't done a thing with.  I didn't do one of my Christmas pins.  Isn't that the whole point?  To do stuff with what you pin?

I'm also bitter because upon finding it and signing up, I contacted Pinterest and told them they needed to hire me.  That they were getting big fast and that they needed me to edit, write, etc.......and never heard back. 

More haters.

*We are slowly making progress on our backyard.  Got the TV hooked up and the VCR, too.  (Yes, they still exist.)  Need to buy a DVD player and get the cable dude out here to hook up a new connection.  Then, we will be virtually living outside.

Next up?  Outdoor shower. 


*Having a kitten is a bit like having a newborn.  It's exhausting.  Her move to the garage was successful, but the second she hears someone stirring in the house, the meows start.  And, like a newborn, she is hard to ignore.

I think I'm allergic to her, too.  Can you be allergic to some cats, but not others?  Had no problems with Batman.  (RIP)

*I'm starting to suspect that The Bachelor is all fake.  Girls really can't be this stupid.  Can they?  As I've said before, I will go down in flames with this show, so don't even get started on how I shouldn't be watching it.

*My Matilda Jane 'dealer' in Orange County has lots of adult pieces at 40% off.  Check out this list and let me know if you're interested.  I'll give you her contact info.
Gemini T

Kiara Cardigan
Summertime Dress
Dear Henry Dress
Major Brown Dress
Mona Ballet Dress
Coffee Ruffles
Clarissa Ruffles
Pesto Finn Skirt
Josie Skirt
Track Pants
Sandy Tuxedo Pants
Charlie Brown Dress
Harriett Skirt
Carole Anne Finn Skirt
Track Jacket
Whipwillow Top
Dusk Tank
Mindy Tank
Gemini Tee

Millie Top



Dee Stephens said...

The Tiger game was painful..ugh..
The Bachelor is all fake. For reals.. there is a guy that works on our crew when I work in LA and he has all the scoop.
He told me a couple of seasons ago they sat around for hours trying to get the last show shot. Both the Bachelor and the woman that he chose totally hated each other but the producers were GOING to make it work.
They finally came to an agreement but he said it took HOURS AND HOURS...........
That's why I can't watch.
Just dumb.. I know.. I watch other reality shows like the Housewives, and Dance Moms.. that are all staged as well.
But, I really like watching them for the clothes(Housewives)and on Dance Moms, I just like watching those kids.

donatelli98 said...

You crack me up Casey! Glad to see you have finally come around to my argument about field goal only games!

Impulsive Addict said...

You have a dealer. I always suspected.

I told you why you lost. I think it was KS's fault.

Kristen said...

As much of a sports fan as I am... I didn't watch the game.

And really... allergic to Finn?? That doesn't sound fun. I will trade you Max the Wonder Dog for meowing Finn. His new thing is to wake me up EVERY TWO HOUR TO PEE. And if I tell him he's full of it and refuse to get up and let him out, he pees in the house. Awesomeness. So yeah. Tiny bladder pee loving dog for Finn. Deal??

The Lenzers said...

poor MM...and poor new kitty! can't wait to see the new outdoor space and a VCR, WTH? do they pay you to take them from the store?

Brittny said...

That game was sad. And I dont care about either team. Not trying to be rude, but I do all I can just to find out if my team won... or even played. (Don't act all surprised by that comment! You know I'm all talk when it comes to sports.)

I'm new to pinterest. Mostly pin things for a house I hope to have in 50 years. Of course by then I will want a totally different house. Whatever. I barely make supper for my kids so why would I pin a cute idea I know will never be made by me. I think you need to join me in this thinking.

Finally, I still don't know why people have cats. My kids want one. Thankfully my sister is allergic! My kids think she hung the moon, so I tell them if we get a cat they can never see their Aunt Jenny again and her family can never come over and play. And hats seriously what I tell them. It works. For a month and then it comes up again.

Tell the fan hello and keep making us all laugh! Love you stranger!

Mary said...

Hey there! I'm curious if your Matilda Jane "dealer" (that cracks me up) still has her medium Kiara Cardigan in stock - I'd love to snatch it! Thanks :)

Kelly Beatty said...

Who is your Matilda Jane dealer? I need a hookup. Does Matilda Jane have newborn or infant clothing? I am thinking they have a couple...and I need them!

I am actually watching the Bachelor right now. Ben is a total butterface.

LSU was PAINFUL. Especially all the Roll Tide high fives going on at work (barf). Haters gonna hate!

starnes family said... me and I'll give you her info!

Merry Mack said...

I wish I was a little bit smaller, I wish I had some dollars so I could call her. 40%is crazy yo!

Funny is funny and sad is sad.

Bachelor is totally fake.

Can't pinterest just be for fun like flipping through a magazine? Do you have to do the shit you pin or can't you just be like 'hey, that's cool. I will pin that for no reason whatsoever.'? Can't it just be the new time suck? Something that is just for you where you pin things that make you smile. Just sayin.

I've lost my train of thought ten times in this comment so I'm out.

Wiz said...

Love the bachelor. I dont care if it is fake either. I love it....and now I am going to go sit in the fetal position behind some luggage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
I sent you an email about your trunk keeper's list. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Itching for a pair of pesto Finn any?