Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Finn McMissle in Costume - You're Welcome

It's not her most flattering look. 

And, this is definitely not the best angle for photography, but she was a bit uncooperative with the whole photo shoot itself.

 Kittehs can be such divas.

This is a hand-me-down from Batman (RIP).  Finn should be proud to wear it.  We're working on her gratitude.

And, her bad attitude.  I know cats are notorious for snobbery, but even this is a bit much.

Dear Finn,

Cheer up, butter cup!  

Halloween is in 21 days and then we dress you up as a turkey and Santa. 

Such fun ahead!  Get on board, kitty cat.  You're part of this family.  Best to just smile and pretend like this is all normal.

Love, Mom


Jo said...

Ha ... that is so funny! I can just imagine dressing up our dogs ... Lulu had to wear a vest (as instructed by the vet) and tore it off and ripped it to pieces within 6 hours.

Mama Sue said...

Y'all are nuts...poor diva kitty! Still waiting for your big news!

Macey said...

Get on board...LOL!

Monica said...


Jodee Leader said...

Crack me up!

Wiz said...

We used to dress my cat up all the time. He hated it but it was hilarious!! Love it.

Kristen said...

Hahahaha... and Batman :(
Never "knew" him but miss him still the same. Is that weird? I'm hoping not... will always be thankful for him. His "getting wrapped up in xmas paper" video got me and Hann thru a dark spot in law school...

Anonymous said...

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