Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yearly Trip to Julian, CA

This is one of my favorite parts of Fall. 

And, it's one of the coolest parts of living in southern California. From just about anywhere you are, you can drive an hour and the weather will be drastically different. Julian is the cutest town ever, peaks at 4,000 feet altitude, boasts 4 "real" seasons a year and prides itself on apple orchards, delicious pies and kind people. I think they're successful with all of these. 

Sweet punks had never seen such ginormous "cds"!!!!!!

Carriage ride!

One of the most famous parts of Julian.....Mom's Apple Pies. 

Thanks, Coco, for Laine's precious Halloween shirt!

There are too many little hideaways and stores to highlight in one post.  You simply must visit.

I'd actually love to go sans-children one time to shop and eat and even enjoy a glass of wine.  Such a lovely area!

Busy week ahead!

Work, party prep and then the big Halloween bash!  

I can't wait.