Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012

Let's start with the shoes.  Pa bought these on a trip out here once and we've teased him about it ever since.

Blake figured out a way to incorporate them into a costume and did it well.  He called me on the way home from work asking to pick up some "white" spray for his hair.

I was clueless.

Little did I know I would have walked home into the dude from "Up".


Off to a party with friends.  So thrilled to know so many peeps in California.

This family has the MOST AMAZING DECK EVER.

Watching the sunset was fantastic.

4 story "tree house" (don't call it a play house), with underground tunnels, lighting and a balcony?

Yes, please.

Lainey (brilliant) was all, "Mom, we could totally live here."

We could.

Anyhoo, we headed back to the casa to see our own usual neighbors and met a few we had been meaning to visit with.

In Jack's words:  "Mom, you can't go up to any houzez anymore.  You fwirt too much and den we never get to weave."

Actually, I'm just finally meeting some people we've been hoping to make contact with.
Awesome.  New friends make me happy.

One of my usual signs.  "Please take 3.  Otherwise, there will be consequences."

It worked!  

We arrived back home with a basket in tact.  Surely, it could be laced with rat poison.  Who knows.

A few glimpses of the rest of our night.  I love this crazy family.


Happy Halloween, peeps.

It was a good one.


Lauren W said...

Your FB comments from people crack me up. I knew Blake was the guy from UP the 2nd I saw him. Jack should have gone as the little boy scout dude. Great pics as always Starnes Fam.

Dee Stephens said...

Brilliant costume! You guys always have so much fun with Halloween :)

Jo said...

What an awesome tree house!

Looks like you had a fantastic time!

Unknown said...

WHO do you "fwirt" with?!?! Love Jack's costume! See you soon.

Monica said...

I want Carter's Sour Patch Kids!

starnes family said...

I agree, Lauren. But, Blake did this totally impromptu. Jack would have been hard to convince, too.

No flirting...just chatting with neighbors we've been meaning to meet. Good peeps in our hood!