Friday, November 09, 2012


Hello, friends!
We're in the midst of parent-teacher conferences, Thanksgiving prep, meal planning and planning Caroline's visit!
We can't wait to see her.
Especially Finn.

Carter turns 12 in a few days.
12!  I almost have a teenager.
We're celebrating over the next week or so with a gift last night (Iphone!), a birthday party at the house and a little bit of shopping.

Thankful Turkey time! 
It's more glorious than ever this year.

All 3 kids wrote on their own feathers this year.
Jack immediately launched into naming family members and purposely excluding Laine.
So sweet.

Lainey still included Jack.  Sweet girl.

Disco turkey!

Finn is at her wit's end.  And, Lainey's only getting warmed up.

Back soon with a sneak peak into our Christmas surprise for the kids.  Need some suggestions from you!


Jo said...

WOW Carter is one lucky kid!

Have a great weekend!

Dee Stephens said...

I bet Carter was EXCITED about his phone.
My co-worker gave his kids IPhones recently and has now had to put restrictions on them. For instance, you can't take them to bed with you. LOL!!

Katherine said...

Wow. Carter is turning 12!! I think when I started reading this blog and became reacquainted with you, he was in 3rd grade. Wow. He is a doll. I still want him to wed Caroline. They would make an adorable couple and think of the fun family holidays we would have! It is a win-win!
Love the Disco Turkey!!

Unknown said...

Jack! "I love my mom. Cat and my brother"

Anonymous said...

The disco turkeys better include Aunt Caroline stat or Santa's not coming this year.


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