Sunday, February 24, 2013

Random Scoop

Lots of random bits today!
I saw most of the nominees for Oscar's Best Picture.
Not the "best" in my opinion, but my favorite was Silver Linings Playbook.  I saw it twice, which is super rare for me.  I loved it.  Complex and unusual and it just made me so happy.
Bradley Cooper just keeps getting better and better. 

I'm solo this week with kids, as Blake heads to Texas to see our niece, Rylee Cameron, arriving any day now.  Britney is more than ready!  Pregnancy #3 is a taxing one.
Carter continues on in the playoffs with a qualifying game this Wednesday night.
Just a few pics to highlight us loving where we live.

Mega bubbles off the Oceanside Pier.

Took the kids out to Ruby's for Valentine dinner.  Jack saw this sign.
"Wook at dis!  No bandaids.  What a bunch of foolws."
Couldn't love that kid more.

Just started the book, Swamplandia.  Have had several people recommend it.  Excited to learn more about it.  I've read a lot of books lately, but none that I absolutely loved. 
Back soon!


Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I always loving seeing the photos of where you live! Good luck going solo this week with the kids!

Jo said...

You live in an awesome place! LoL .... Jack, so funny!
Good luck this week, hope the kids are extra well behaved

Mama Sue said...

Jack never fails to entertain! Taxing 3rd preg or not she is gorgeous. i bet you are not missing the midwest this winter!

Jodee said...

Always jealous of your beach pictures!

I am single parenting too and Friday can't get here quick enough! I suck sooo bad at it! In fact, I tried to put myself in a mommy timeout tonight and they kept finding me!

Jack is such a hoot!

What a beautiful mama!

Monica said...

Oh how I love when you post Oceanside Pier pics! Great place of memories for me and I hope to take Lyla there someday!!

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