Monday, May 06, 2013

Jillian's Visit and a Glimpse into the Darling Town of Carlsbad, CA

Jillian came to visit! Such a dear, sweet friend to all of us.......everyone loves Jillian.

The weather here was a drastic change from snow in Kansas City, where she lives.

90 degrees!

Jillian is a no fuss guest.  She doesn't want to tour the sites.  We sit and talk, gossip, watch movies and relax. 

Because of the temperatures, though, we headed to the harbor to cool off one afternoon.

Jack loved the skull on this boat.  Prolly from a dead pirate, of course.

I posed the question:  "Is that a real snail shell?"

Everyone stared at me like I was an idiot. Or am an idiot.  

I'm familiar with both.

Oceanside Harbor.  So pretty.


In other news, I got new flip flops.  Love.

We relaxed in the backyard for an evening and sipped wine.

From blue solo cups.  Don't judge.

Finn tried to snuggle with Jillian.  She is not a fan.

Jil and I skipped town Saturday morning.  Headed to Carlsbad, just a few exits south of us.  But, far enough away that no Starnes children can be heard screaming.

It was glorious.

The view from our room:

We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn.  A 1 minute walk across the street brings you to this:

Isn't that cute little turquoise bench inviting?

The grounds are nicely kept.  The pool is simple, but big enough with a hot tub.  The staff is super friendly.  I recommend it!

We walked through Carlsbad and ate at the Daily News Cafe. So cute!

Everything is in bloom.

Shopped a bit.  Found these shoes that I wanted to buy for Jack, but they're not available yet in kid sizes.  Soon enough.

Jillian loves to read as much as I do.  Cruised through Farenheit 451.  Lovely used books and friendly owner.

The Carlsbad Street Fair was up and running.  Lord have mercy, it's huge.  I think we saw about 1/4 of it.  

Inspiration for the re-design of Lainey's room.  I adore this.

I finally had to take Jillian to the airport so she could return home.  

We look surprisingly happy in this picture.  We were not.

And, she's back in KC now.  
Tears all around.
In other news:

The texting balance of the world shall resume.


Heidi DeGroot said...

Those shoes you mentioned for Jack look nice and comfy. Would Sanuks be comparable? They come in kids sizes and they advertise "these are sandals, not shoes" even though they have the "loafer" look. Anyway, my hubby has a pair of Sanuks and loves them:) I enjoy all of your amazing, beautiful pictures! I wish I could see palm trees and the ocean. Our grass is green now finally and all the snow is gone! However, our trees do not have any leaves yet--there are buds on them though so that's a start:) Happy Monday!

Dee Stephens said...

I heart that flip flop sign!!!!

Nate said...

This already makes me excited to write my own blog post about getting to visit you!!

Becca Jane said...

Becca. Not Nate.

Unknown said...

Hey, ask Jillian where she got her purse, please. I need one just like that. It looks khaki with white polka dots. Thanks. I would have asked about the shell. They have that same sized giant shell at Disneyland which I am still waiting or you and Jack to look up in your encyclopedia Britanica.

Jodee Leader said...

Oh my word! Please tell me that you bought that flip flop sign! I absolutely love it!

What a fun girls trip! Love this post and pictures!

Heidi DeGroot said...

I also would like more info on Jillian's purse!

starnes family said...

Jillian's purse is a Thirty One. If y'all don't have or know a rep, let me know and I will hook you up!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Love, Love, Love the flip-flop sign! If we didn't get snow in Nebraska, my kids would wear flip-flops year round.

JillianTBennett said...

It is thirty-one... and casey made fun of me for buying so many items at a recent party. But I love them all!

Unknown said...

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