Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lots of Stuff

Ready for an update?! 

It's a doozy!

Had some time to shop before fixing my phone this week.  LOVE these vases at Anthropologie.

Found this cute flower crown for Lainey's wrap around a bun.....looks easy to make.

Love The Coffee Bean......better than Starbucks any day of the week.  Is this a California thing or are they U.S. wide?

I made it in and out of the Apple store unscathed.  Barely.

Those kids at the table know more than me.

Elementary Open House was this week.  

Jack wore the mask he bought with birthday money at the Cinco de Mayo celebration.

This is normal.

Wore it all evening.  Totally normal.

Last Kindergarten Open House for this family.  :(

This girl will be a 1st grader next year.  We debated holding her back due to her young age, but have been advised to repeat 1st grade instead.  More challenging.....makes sense.

Starnes children stood in their birth states.

Mask is still on!

Checked Lost and Found.  Found plenty of our lunch gear.  Thanks, Jack!

Back at home......we're battling snails again.

They are flower eaters.  Check this guy out.

So cool.  

Blake is painting Laine's new loft/slide bed.  Her room is due for an update and we're hoping this bed will provide more livable space for kids. 

Summer is almost here!  Debating on an End-of-School-Year sleepover for the littles. 

Have I lost my mind?

Updated our bed with these sheer panels.  I've been wanting them since we got the bed 5 years ago.  Didn't want to pay $60 each for them.  Found a fantastic deal.....$24 for all 4!

We have a mama bird in our back yard.  Waiting eagerly to hear baby birds chirp.

And, finally, here is how we started Mother's Day.  Laine was the grumpy one today.  Jack's taking a break.

Jack and I led his class in making stain-glass crayons at CCD.

Lainey twirled and twirled in her "Pink Ladies" dress.  Grease 2 was our movie this week.  Lainey is hooked.

Ended the celebration at the beach.  

Life is good for this little one!

Major news coming.....Jack has a loose tooth.  I'm praying he can let go of it before Lainey manages to rip one of hers out in order to make this milestone ahead of him.

Fingers crossed!


Dee Stephens said...

jam packed post for sure! I can't believe Jack is still having to sit in a booster seat?! He looks huge in that thing! Cute pink dress on Lainey. I was always obsessed with GREASE 1, not 2. Can't wait to see the finished bed in LC's room.
As for your bed. Brad would have said a big Hell NO to those panels! LOL!!

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Can't believe Jack wore that mask the whole time. He had to be hot.

starnes family said...

Dee! Kids don't graduate boosters until 8 years old. :)