Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ode to Blake on Father's Day

Besides being ridiculously good looking, we love you for all you do. 

 Some examples:

You carve pumpkins.

You take us on adventures.

You organize.

You tolerate and even encourage our Disneyland love.

You have moved us around the country, allowing us to see and live life in many places.

You love our crazy daughter.

You help at school.

You coach.

You work hard to be like your own Dad in many ways.

You LOVE our babies.

You cook.

You wore the baby bjorn like a boss.

And, carry kids on shoulders.

You take us to baseball games.

And, water parks.

And, theme parks.

You've taught 3 kids to ski.

You dance.

You support my travel obsession and add your own adventurous spirit to it.

You build and create like a pro.

But, sometimes you drop the cupcakes.

We love you, regardless.

Happy Father's Day, Blake!


Anonymous said...

You left one out ......
You make your Parents Proud !
A beautiful tribute to a beautiful man...inside and out !
From a not so objective observer.......

Jodee said...

Happy Father's Day to one of my favorite dads on the planet! He reminds me so much of Cory! I hope you had a fun day celebrating!

Dee Stephens said...

I've never met him IRL, but I can tell he is a great dad and husband!

donatelli98 said...

Love love love this post Casey and Blake too!!

Sara said...

Happy Fathers Day Blake!! You're one of the best dad's I know!

Jboo said...

He IS ridiculously handsome! :) What a great hub -- you all are pretty lucky! Hope he had a fun vacation with you all!

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